Eighteenth day



We had some problems with it due to a short circuit in it. Given the fact that redisigning the board would take too long, some tape was added to isolate the power source pin from the shield and the ground from the arduino. Image

The shield in all its beauty.


Below you can see the extra tape that we added, it should do perfectly ok. Future versions of the shield will have this problem fixed.


IMU sensor:

Too many things to do! we decided that the calibration of the sensor can wait as it won’t be necessary until the end.

ESC’s (speed controllers):

Having decided to program  the ESC’s, we started to review different ways to do so.
The most common way is doing it with a radio controller, but we have none (people who are into hobby planes usually have a radio controller).
Hopefully, the signal that the radio controller sends to the ESC can be emulated with a microcontroller and this is our next step.

More to come, next week.


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