Twelfth day


Guess what? Yes, once again, one of us was absent. Three times in a row!

Well let’s talk about what you came here for:


The one who is in charge of it was absent, so it didn’t progress today.

Remote control:

We decided that we are going to interface a PS3 joystick to an arduino.

Hardware needed to acomplish this:

-Arduino microcontroller (we chose UNO).

-xBee module (sends info  to the quad).

-xBee shield (connects the arduino with the xbee).

-USB host shield (something more or less like this, the particular model will vary according to availability).

-PS3 joystick.

-USB bluetooth dongle (this is optional, but it can be used instead of connecting the joystick to the USB host shield with an USB cable. This would be much more comfortable).

PID control:

Last week, we mentioned that the PID library, by Alan Kharsansky, is written for c, but Arduino IDE requires some changes on it to install it:

1) You have to change the c file extension to .cpp

2) A .txt file named keywords must be created into the library’s folder.

3) Copy this inside the txt:

qPID_Process    KEYWORD2

The idea is that each function in the library should be stated here with the command KEYWORD2. the separation between the name of the function and the command is a tab.

We tried to run an example code but the algorithm has to be called every x seconds (you decide x) and that period should be as stable as possible.

IMU sensor:

We fully dedicated to PID control today, so no progress here.

That’s all for today, have a nice week!


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