Eleventh day

Once again, one of us was absent, so we weren’t as productive as we should have been.


We expected we could set the test structure up and put together everything, but the school was out of screws and the hardware store didn’t have the ones that we need. That should be solved next week.

As the motherboard is almost ready, we started thinking about the next step:

Remote control:

Different technologies are being discused. There are three main options:

-Buying a radio controller (this one is a little hard for us now that we based the motherboard on an xbee, but if you want to use one of these,it’s up to you).

-Making a PCB board (shield) with some buttons and room for an xBee module.

-Interfacing a PS3 joystick to an arduino (it’s not easy but some people has already managed to do this, meaning that there’s code and info available).

Further research on this topic will be made, next week.

PID control:

As you might know (if you don’t we suggest you start reading about it), Arduino is highly based on C/C++, and shares a lot of things. We tried and tried to setup the PID library (written in C), but efforts were unfruitfull. According to this Arduino libraries tutorial. Some changes need to be made to make it work.

IMU sensor:

According to it’s producer, the problems we have, could be solved if we run the code and try to leave the sensor as still as possible. This would allow the calibration routine to set up properly.

Well, this is all for this post. More coming soon, stay tuned.


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