Tenth day

Sloooow day, 1 of us was absent all day due to illnes. The lab was occupied because of a special event in the school, to wich two of us were cited. So basically, we only had one man working in the first part of the morning.

Today’s work involved some soldering of components to the PCB board (still not finished due to lack of some components).

Our encoder (we were hoping we could use it to measure motors’ response to different PWM values), seems to be dead. There’s no logical explanation as nobody has used it since the last time and it has always been handed carefully.

Propellers arrived yesterday, got 3 clockwise and 3 counterclockwise. Bought six  to be able to replace any of the propellers if needed.

Problems with IMU haven’t been solved, we’re waiting for feedback from it’s producer.

Nice PID algorithm found (need’s to be adapted to arduino):

https://github.com/akharsa/qPID/blob/master/qPIDs.c (Thanks Alan!!!!)

That’s all for now, more info soon.

Stay tuned 😉


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