Ninth day

Today, one of us was absent, so things were a little slower than usual.

We started to design a structure to test x and y axis stability of the quad, we want something similar to this:

Objetives for this term have been settled.

PCB board was  retouched with some ferric chloride and pierced after that. Hopefully, soldering will start next time.

As we have two motors per batterie, we decided to connect the ESC’s in  parallel (i.e. same voltage, half current), still thinking about the best way of making this connection.

Finally, freeIMU arduino library and freeIMU processing sketches were installed, the sensor (freeIMU MS 3.5) was connected to an Arduino Mega 2560 via I2C, everything seemed to be allright but we were about to run into major problems (see videos):

As you can see in the second video, there is something really wrong with the digital compass, for the moment we can only guess what’s happening, but it seems that the problem is in the magnetometer.

More to come in the next week.


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