Fourth day

Problems, problems, and more problems!

One of us had the oportunity (by chance) to have a chat with an engineer in materials (yeah, that’s something that happens everyday, right?) for brevity’s sake, he told us not to use acrylic (reasonably fragile) but base the entire project on aluminum wich will dissipate the heat generated by the ESC’s. It turns out that aluminum is harder to cut so our original design for the center will no longer be used. Instead, a perfect circle will be our choice.

Also, computers today wouldn’t work, so we spent most of time dealing with them.

Is there a bright side?

Well, there is. We heard of a shop in Argentina wich can provide us with motors, ESC’s and batteries that we need: HELITEC

In the next post:

what should we buy? will the structure be finished?

NOTE (for those of you who live in Argentina): helitec’s telephone service is pretty bad. If it weren’t our only option, we would avoid dealing with such rude resellers. If you have the chance of buying somewhere else, we strongly encourage you to do it.


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