Second day

So, in our last post we described what kind of hardware we’re going to be use. That’s ok, but one does not simply attach hardware to an arduino.

In order to  have some well organized connections, we are building an Arduino Shield, this way it’ll be easier to add stuff to it or replace faulty hardware.

It is also needed to build a structure, light enough to be lifted by the motors and resistant enough not to be destroyed after collisions (we have to asume we’re gonna crash). We decided to use aluminium for the “x” part of the structure (were motors are screwed) and acrylic for the O part (were hardware will be placed).

Keep in mind that both the shield and the structure are being prototypes in a first instance. We may develop more sofisticated versions with time, so stay tuned 😉

And that’s all for this post, more info coming soon.


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