A Bit of Info

If you are interested in quadcopters, we encourage you to  take a look at this website. We hope that you can add new things to the project or suggest variations.

We’ll see the whole quad as a system and it is its state that we want to control. we chose to use  a PID algorithm. To implement it, you need a setpoint (the expected state of the system), a feedback (the measure of the actual state of the system) and an actuator (the way that you change the state of the system). setpoint-feedback =error (the difference between the desired value and the real value).  Actuator behaviour will, ultimately depend on the value of the error, trying to minimize it.

These variables are used as an abstraction of the real system, so this is what we really need:

That’s a good aproximation of what kind of hardware is needed, you should keep in mind that, in order to work, brushless motors need ESC’s , propellers and LiPo batteries. Furthermore, the xBee module will be linked to a radio controller and thus, it will receive orders from the user.


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